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Whether you enjoy dinner tours, dolphins, kayaking, surfing, or just becoming one with the wildlife, these outfitters are bound to give something that meets your desires.


Ocean Rentals Surf & Adventure Company


Waterway/Back Bay Tours:


Experience beautiful Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Encounter herons, osprey, bald eagles, kingfisher and colorful birds throughout the marshes as turtles and snakes sun themselves along the waterway banks. Bring cameras and binoculars to find and photograph the wildlife and scenery of this unique national refuge. See the wonders of nature at its very best by kayaking or canoeing Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. No experience necessary, all equipment provided. Ocean Rentals offers a wide range of kayak tours to explore our waters. You can paddle straight from our docks and explore the scenic and unique ecological environment of Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Perhaps you need an adrenaline rush. Take on the mighty Atlantic Ocean with our ocean kayaking and dolphin tours. If you prefer to go it alone, you can rent individual kayaks too.


Sunrise and Sunset Dinner Tour:


It takes you through Back Bay to Blue Pete's restaurant for a delicious dinner. Your kayak adventure exposes you to pristine settings, local wildlife and the vast Back Bay. After taking in the local color and wildlife, it's time to paddle on over to Blue Pete's, a popular Pungo mainstay since 1972. There, enjoy your dinner of choice. Known for serving up fine seafood and steaks, Blue Pete's is a great place to unwind, and wind up your tour.


Ocean Kayaking and Dolphin Tours:


Kayaking tours of Sandbridge's awesome oceanfront bring you face to face with the strength and beauty of the Atlantic. Paddle over soft rolling swells, breathe the fresh salt air and enjoy spectacular displays of sea life. Watch pods of dolphins jump through the surf and loggerhead sea turtles meander passed. See pelicans and osprey dive for fish. Ocean kayaking off Sandbridge Beach is an exciting adventure for the entire family. Tours launch daily from south Sandbridge Beach with views of False Cape's undeveloped beaches.


Surf Lessons:


Catch a single wave and you'll be hooked for life. Our surf lessons are available for all ages and instruct you in the sport of surfing. Learn to paddle, catch waves, stand up and surf. All in a safe environment. During the two–hour class, our experienced instructors guide you through beach and weather education and safety, surfing etiquette, equipment knowledge and learning how to read the ocean's tides, rip currents and swells. You are provided with soft style surfboards – perfect for beginners. Two and three- day Billabong Camp's also available.


Chesapean Outdoors


Dolphin Tour:


Enjoy the thrill of kayaking with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay with a company that’s been specializing in dolphin Eco-tours for 25+ years. These small-group, guided kayak tours last 2 hours and allow you to see these magnificent animals up-close in their natural environment. Little or no experience is necessary to use Chesapean’s sit-on-top kayaks to explore the coastal waters of Virginia Beach and get closer to wild dolphins than you have ever been before. Guides will help you launch and navigate along the coast while you partake in breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences with wild Bottlenose Dolphins.

May 1st-Oct. 1st/Daily: 9:30 am and 2 pm


Sunset Dolphin Tour:


Enjoy the beauty of a sunset paddle on the Chesapeake Bay. This 2 hour tour combines gorgeous views with epic dolphin experiences.You will get up-close with native wildlife while witnessing local landmarks such as the Cape Henry Lighthouses and Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel get lit up and transformed by the sun as it slips over the horizon. Chesapean’s experienced, local guides will ensure that your twilight paddle is the most relaxing thing you’ll do all summer.

May 1st-Oct. 1st/ Daily at 5:30pm


First Landing State Park:


Kayak the tranquil waters of First Landing State Park and witness the beauty of this unique tidal environment in a way that few ever experience. These small-group, guided kayak tours last 2 hours and lead you past awe-inspiring views and native wildlife such as: herons, egrets, kingfishers, ospreys, and even dolphins and bald eagles on occasion. Paddle under majestic oaks covered in Spanish Moss until you reach Eagle Point, one of the tallest dunes in Virginia Beach, where you will be greeted with a breathtaking view across White Lake and the marshes of First Landing. Your guide will touch on some local history as well as any local wildlife you may encounter.


The Cape Tour:


Launch off the beach at the North End and ride the tide past the historic Cape Henry Lighthouses and into the Chesapeake Bay. As you round the cape you will be greeted by pods of dolphins making their way into the safety and protection of the Bay for the night. The sun should be sinking low over the horizon and you will witness the glory of the lighthouses being lit up by the evening sun and the silhouette of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel as the sun dips behind it. Ease into the beaches at First Landing State Park where you’ll be greeted with complimentary snacks and beverages. When the sun is finished setting and you’ve finished relaxing, we’ll shuttle you back to your vehicle. This tour can also be scheduled for other times of the day by request.