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Distinctive Gourmet, the exclusive onsite caterer of the Virginia Beach Convention Center, is a division of Centerplate, one of the nation’s leading providers of food, beverage and merchandise for sports, convention and entertainment centers. First-class cuisine complements our first-class facility. Whether for business or social events, general sessions or receptions, they combine outstanding service and exquisite presentation, to make every event its own culinary masterpiece.

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As Fresh As It Gets

Chef Neal’s onsite garden started in the Spring of 2008. It began as a small fresh herb garden – throwing some plants in the ground to see if they would grow. The next couple of years the garden expanded with the culinary team doing the upkeep.

In 2010, it was time to once again expand, so we enlisted the help of a local master gardener to design and build ten raised garden beds and one flower bed to attract bees and birds to pollenate the fruits and vegetables. With his help, the garden flourished.

Every year, a selection of different herbs, vegetables, and fruits are planted. The garden’s warmer months provide plants like tomatoes, a variety of melons, cucumber, squash, peppers, grapes, and berries while Fall allows for swiss chard, mustard greens, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and other winter vegetables.



  • 2012 – Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia - Taste of Hampton Roads / Awarded Best of Overall
  • 2013 – Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia - Taste of Hampton Roads / Awarded Chef’s Choice
  • 2014 – VA Aquarium - Sensible Seafood Fest / Awarded Green Plate Award
  • 2015 – Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia – Taste of Hampton Roads / Awarded Most Memorable Booth Presentation
  • 2016 – VA Aquarium 7th Annual Sensible Seafood Fest - Best Presentation of a Sustainable Dish
  • 2017 – Virginia Zoo - Zoo to Do/ People's Choice Award