Tell us what you’re planning, and we’ll show you how Virginia Beach can set the stage for a spectacular event. From your earliest ideas, til long after the last buzzer has sounded, our team is eager to help.


Nancy Helman, CSEE

Director of Sports Marketing

A sports tourism veteran of 20 years, Helman leads one of the nation's top sports marketing programs that has put Virginia Beach on the map as one of the best managed destinations for sports clients and participants. She has served hundreds of event owners, and she proudly touts her favorite experience as creating memories for the athletes, families and fans that come to Virginia Beach year after year. Helman has a BA in Journalism and Minor Sport Administration from the University of South Carolina and obtained the Certified Sports Event Executive professional designation from the National Association of Sports Commissions (CSEE). Quick facts about Nancy: she hates cilantro; loves watching college football or cheering at her kids' own games; would prefer being outdoors (sitting on the beach with a drink and a good book) and is a fantastic cook.

Dani Timm, CSEE

Sports Marketing National Sales Manager

A 15 year veteran in the sports marketing field, Timm has been recognized for her outstanding success in sports marketing sales, crediting teamwork for her incredible success. Quick facts about Timm: when she's not cooking exquisite Mediterranean meals for her friends, she can be found playing a competitive round of HORSE basketball; she hates when people lock the car windows ("so annoying"); and seeks out hummingbirds in her wildflower garden. Though a self-described bear needing plenty of sleep, Timm is full of energy watching competitive darts and appreciates the sports' hand-eye coordination. Timm is a graduate of the University of Iowa and holds the distinguished Certified Sporting Events Executive (CSEE).

Bill Kelly, CSEE

Sports Marketing Sales Manager

Kelly serves the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau with an infectious belly laugh and 25 years of outdoor event planning experience. Don't be intimidated by his linebacker physique, though: when he's not helping clients produce the best sporting events they've ever experiences, Kelly helps nurture his children into incredible athletes themselves. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and Certified Sporting Events Executive (CSEE), Kelly hates when people say, "You wouldn't believe what just happened" and then proceeds to not tell him. Don't try it. We warned you.

Kenneth Payne

Sports Event Service Manager

With 10 years in event planning, three years in sports event management and on his way to securing the Certified Sporting Events Executive (CSEE) designation, Payne has a deep affinity for growing sports like fencing. Off the "work" courts, he loyally tunes in to football and college basketball. When he's not servicing new and innovative events in Virginia Beach, he's also found playing kickball (taking him back to his elementary days) or tinkering in his garage. Here's what you really need to know: don't serve him broccoli and certainly don't drive in the left hand lane.