Virginia Beach Fall

Why Fall Is the New Spring


Sure, summer is a lot of fun, but ask any Virginia Beach local, and they’ll tell you that fall is their absolute favorite time of year to explore our coastal city. The weather is milder; the changing trees provide a colorful backdrop; and where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, the sun seems to set with even more splendor.

Join us in the fall and you’ll find yourself soaking up the VB lifestyle in an authentic way, right alongside those of us who call this destination home. From our beautiful parks, trails and waterways to the delicious flavors of the season, including fresh seafood (of course), fall is the season for unleashing your inner explorer and diving into the leaf pile head-first.

What quintessential VB fall activities will you choose?

Things to Do in Virginia Beach This Fall


Dive Into...


Outdoor Activities


With a selection of 5 major coastal campgrounds featuring over 2,000 campsites combined, you’re sure to find the perfect place to build your perfect Virginia Beach camping experience. From the untouched, all-natural campgrounds, trails, and pristine beaches at False Cape State Park, to the family-focused, cabin-style coastal-fun of the Virginia Beach KOA campground, to the all-encompassing amenities, activates, and accommodations at the First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach offers a variety of ways to enjoy getting back to the great outdoors. 


Virginia Beach has over 200 miles of bikeways and trails, not counting trails in our 230+ parks and natural areas. Plus, there are 23 miles of unpaved paths in 2 state parks and a federal wildlife refuge. With new paths, lanes, and routes to existing roads, new roads, and other corridors being added regularly, it is no surprise that we are frequently voted as one of America’s Healthiest Cities. 


There may be no better time than the fall to take in the full palette of Virginia Beach sunrises and sunsets. Take in the first light of day over the Atlantic Ocean, and send end your day with a sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. Here are our favorite spots for sunrises and sunsets in Virginia Beach.


Food & Drink


From the freshest oysters to unmatched fall produce, with each autumn comes a new wave of fresh, local flavors in Virginia Beach. Whether you pick-your-own, or just enjoy the fall menus around town, don't miss out on the tastes of the season this fall.


As the leaves begin to fall, we look forward to our favorite season of mild temperatures, pumpkins, and a new palette of color on every tree here in Virginia Beach. But, most of all, we’re looking forward to the seasonal flavors, and there’s no better way to experience the flavors of fall than by diving into a locally-brewed pint. Here are seven beers, brewed right here in Virginia Beach, that we’ll be drinking to celebrate this autumn season.


Haunted Virginia Beach


As the leaves begin to shed their green in favor of a more expansive color palette, our senses slowly become attuned to a different spirit flowing through our coastal city. With a rich history that predates the foundation of our country, Virginia Beach has bared witness to the triumphs and tragedies of many lifetimes and, in some places, that history lives on - well, in a manner of speaking.


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