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Virginia Beach Beaches & Districts

It’s true. Virginia Beach is more than just a beach. In fact, we have multiple beautiful beaches and eclectic districts, each with its own distinct personality. Every corner of our coastal city offers unique ways to live the life, whether on the ocean or on the bay, or somewhere in between.

See What Sets Our Districts Apart


When the first signs of summer start peaking over the distant Atlantic horizon, most...

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Arts & Entertainment
Locals Guide to Town Center

As our downtown district, Town Center is a hub for dining, nightlife, shopping, and...

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The laid-back, local vibe of the Chesapeake Bay District makes it the perfect place...

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One of our favorite activities in Virginia Beach is to head down to Pungo and spend...

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Mural artwork has the power to change the face of a community, transform ordinary...

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While the windswept sand dunes and seaside bungalows of Virginia Beach’s...

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