Virginia Beach Boardwalk


The Virginia Beach Boardwalk, at the Oceanfront, is a 28-feet wide marvel that stretches three miles from 2nd to 40th Street and features a separate bike path, ideal for strolling, rollerblading and biking. Entertainment is offered nightly during the summer months and four oceanfront stages at 7th, 17th, and 24th and 31st Streets provide live musical acts. Along the boardwalk, there’s a variety of quaint outdoor restaurants and vendors offering bike and surrey rentals. Nautical sculptures adorn many of the side streets which lead to Atlantic Avenue. While there, don't forget to swing by and see King Neptune – a twenty-four foot, twelve-ton bronze statue that stands at the gateway to Neptune Festival Park on 31st Street. This is perhaps one of the most popular photo opportunities in the resort area.

Things to Do on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk



Sometimes you don’t want to travel far to have a day filled with relaxation, exciting adventures, and good food. Luckily, at the Oceanfront, you don’t have to. You can have the perfect day without straying far from the famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk. From unbeatable views, great shopping, and an endless selection of places to eat, here is how we would spend a day at the boardwalk.


At 3 miles in length, The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a 28-foot wide marvel that stretches from 2nd to 40th Street. It’s no wonder that this favorite local attraction brings a variety of quaint outdoor restaurants and unbeatable flavor that you won’t want to miss. From beachy cocktails to fine-dining done right, and everything in between, the flavor of the Virginia Beach Boardwalk knows no bounds.

Boardwalk Attractions


Whether you seek an exciting adventure or a relaxing time seaside, or maybe just the perfect photo-op at sunrise, you can find it all at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.


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