With an abundance of local waterways, kayaking is one of our favorite ways to explore the scenic beauty of Virginia Beach. Whether you have your own or you opt to rent from a local outfitter, here are some of our favorite places to drop your kayak in the water.


The Narrows/ Broad Bay/ Linkhorn Bay


Kayak In The Narrows, First Landing State Park In Virginia Beach

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The tapering waterway bordering First Landing State Park, known to Virginia Beach locals as The Narrows, is one of our favorite places to explore by kayak. With its calm waters and low traffic filtering into the beautiful Broad Bay and Linkhorn Bay, it’s perfect for kayakers of every skill level.

These inland waterways are also our favorite spots to take in a relaxing sunset. Local outfitters, Chesapean Outdoors offers sunset-guided tours for small groups, launching out of Linkhorn Bay and GoKayak! offers guided kayak nature and dolphin tours out of Rudee Inlet and First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it, but kayaks will be provided to anyone who needs them.



Back Bay


Person Kayaking In Back Bay In Virginia Beach

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The unencumbered beauty of the Back Bay makes it one of our favorite places to explore by water. For a tasty excursion, don’t miss Surf and Adventure Company’s Blue Pete’s Dinner Tour, for an unforgettable kayaking experience. The tour takes you through the enchanting Spanish moss-adorned bald cypress trees of the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge to Blue Pete’s, a popular Pungo staple since 1972, for an unbeatable seafood dinner. Surf and Adventure provide all of the equipment so all you have to do is show up and hop in.

Surf and Adventure Company offers guided tours of both Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. While beginners are welcome on the bay, the ocean tours, launching at Little Island Park, do require experience.


Atlantic Ocean


A person kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean next to a dolphin

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For the more skilled kayakers, you can head out and explore the majestic waters of the Atlantic Ocean with ease. The Rudee Inlet Marina is a great launching point to get out in no time. Rent your equipment from outfitters there like Beach Parasail.

Kayaking is also one of our favorite ways to get in on the favorite local spot of fishing. With several recommended launching points at Dozier Bridge, Hutton Circle, Birdneck Launch, and Owl Creek Boat Ramp, and many local outfitters such as Wild River Outfitters, and Ocean Rentals LTD, you can reel in the catch of the day from any of our waters, from the ocean to Chesapeake. In the ocean, you can find fish like stripers, bluefish, and tautog.

Located at the far northern end of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Kayak Nature Tours, Ltd. launches their guided tours in the prime location to see dolphins where the ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay, one of their favorite spots along the coast. You can also opt for guided tours through Back Bay and First Landing State Park to explore our inland wetlands.


Chesapeake Bay


Person Kayaking In Chesapeake Bay

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There are few limits to where you can go or the wildlife you will see aboard these small maritime vessels. Dolphins are frequent visitors to the calmer inland waterways off of the Chesapeake Bay, and Tula Adventure Sports located in the Chesapeake Bay District offers tours to kayak with these friendly animals. 

You can paddle out to the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel for some prime sightseeing or stay close to land for the perfect pairing to a beach day on the bay. Even if you opt to stay close to the beach, you can still often find yourself paddling alongside a pod of dolphins, which is an experience you have to see to believe.