Dear Virginia Beach Partners,

On behalf of the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau I am very excited to announce a new initiative specifically designed to drive business to your attraction. During the spring of 2021, the VBCVB will promote a strategic Outdoor Campaign backed by $150,000 worth of advertising.  We are proud of our gorgeous beaches, nature and community of outdoor businesses and want to share it with our visitors. 

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, as of June/July 2020, 63% of U.S. adventure travelers were planning on traveling domestically on their next planned trip. The same travelers are seeking safe and relaxing destinations with nature, outdoor, and adventure activities. In fact, this survey found that 72% of adventure travelers are planning on doing nature and outdoor activities on their next trip, specifically hiking/trekking/walking, cycling (road/paved surface), and camping. Good news for Virginia Beach!  Within this promotion, we will include many categories of outdoor activities such as kayaking, water sports, biking, hiking, camping and much more.      


·         The consumer will sign up for this pass by clicking the website link on our Virginia Beach landing page and the “Get Outdoors” Pass will be instantly delivered to their phone via text and email and is ready to use! The pass can be saved to their phone’s home screen for easy one-tap access.

·         When they visit the participating business, they simply click the “Check-In” or redeem button on the phone.  This is very important as this will help us identify those consumers who have taken advantage of any offers or where they received information on your business.

·         You can have exclusive offers for them to unlock as well, all they need to do is display the phone screen to your attendant and hit the redeem button.


·         Complete the information in the link below.

·         Develop a special offer (optional) to entice the consumer to choose your business.

·         Include an image and a logo for your business and a contact reservation URL or phone number.


·         The VBCVB will dedicate $150,000 to advertising in closer-in markets (marketing to be determined).

·         Public Relations/ social media support and strategy.

Please CLICK HERE to register your business.  Note, deadline to register will be March 1, 2021.  

For questions or more information please contact Kelli Norman