Black Cat Escape Room
  • 2697 International Parkway, Parkway 2, Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
  • P: (757) 447-4808
  • District: Inland
An Escape Room is like living a movie for 60 minutes. Pick your genre, your story, and YOU are the main character! Find secret passageways, solve mysteries, find hidden treasure, and have an adventure! With cinematic effects and Hollywood-quality sets, we put you in a new place and time like you've never experienced. We are the only escape room in Virginia Beach with fully customizable, private games. Not only do you have the whole experience to yourself with your own personal game master working only with your group for your entire experience, but you also choose how difficult you want your game to be! Choose between Standard, Intermediate, and Advanced Difficulty levels for an adventure made just for you. Check out our 5 star Google reviews to read a little more about us from our amazing players, or seekers as we call them! Whether you're seeking an escape, to make memories, or experience something out of the ordinary, whatever you seek, you'll find it at Black Cat. So what makes our rooms different? With our love of history, story-telling, antiquing, and dramatically themed events, we are tailor-made to create one-of-a-kind escapes. Every story, set, and puzzle is created in house by our Mother-Daughter Creative Combo. We create immersive themes with true antiques and décor from floor to ceiling that make you feel as if you've stepped into a different world the minute you open our front door. As huge history buffs, ALL of our rooms are period pieces putting you in a unique time as well as place. We try to include factual historical elements as much as possible so that you may just walk away having learned something new! Our stories are detailed with vivid characters you get to know throughout your adventure. Many of our rooms also contain an actual mystery you need to solve that you will learn about as you play through your adventure rather than simply finding an object or opening a door. So for all the Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Nancy Drew, Columbo, and Pretty Little Liars fans out there, we have a little something extra just for you! Be entranced, experience the adventure, and escape reality with Black Cat Escape Room.
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