The Adventure Park

Hold On For Adventure

Experience the natural world in an exciting new way at – The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium. Kids (age 5+), teens, adults and groups can “take to the trees” above the Aquarium’s Nature Paths and across Owls Creek on one of our many “treetop trails” with thrilling “crossings” between tree platforms. (Imagine zip lining over Owls Creek!) With various levels of challenge from beginner to expert, there is something for every skill level!

Suitable challenges for beginners through advanced climbers. The self-guided trails do not require previous climbing experience. After receiving a harness and a safety briefing, each climber selects a trail at their comfort level and then navigates its different “crossings” or “elements” moving from tree platform to tree platform. The trails include zip lines as well. All climbers wear safety harnesses that employ “double-clipped-on” technology to help keep the climber continuously connected to a safety cable throughout their time in the trees.

The Adventure Park is both fun and full of learning opportunities about nature and one’s self. Families love sharing a climb together. For more information on how The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium can bring high-flying adventure to your family vacation, click here.