An Open Invitation to
Virginia Beach


In Virginia Beach, we proudly welcome you and your family, no matter when you visit. There may be no better time for us to show you this, however, than the fall and winter seasons. After the excitement of summer, these decidedly more laid-back months lend our coastal city an energy you have to experience to understand: a renewed sense of self and connectedness, and of what it means to be truly open.

It’s just different here this time of year: less a destination to visit and more a community to join. We couldn’t be more excited to invite you and your family here to see for yourselves.

The invitation is open. We’ll see you when you get here.

What Off-Season?


This is the time of year when Virginia Beach is at its best, when the pace slows down just enough for you find your stride without missing a step. With pleasant weather and an unmistakably more local vibe, there's no better season to discover the vibrancy of our coastal city. Even the sunrises over the water seem to add to their color palette each day in celebration, bathing what you expected to be a typical beach vacation in a whole new light. We can't wait to share our favorite time of year with you and your family.


Local Guides


Want to know what there is to do in Virginia Beach in the Fall and Winter months? Don't take it from us. Our locals are excited to welcome you and show you how they settle into the season in true local fashion. 


Curated Virginia Beach Experiences


There's more than one way to explore the beauty and flavors of Virginia Beach this time of year, and we're here to help get you and your family started. 

Upcoming Events


From holiday celebrations to community gatherings for that local touch, live events are back, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate with you and your family. Check back often for the latest in this season's events, shows, and entertainment options.


Where to Stay


Our hotels, cottages, rentals, and bed & breakfasts are taking every measure to ensure that your stay is healthy and free of worry. 

In Virginia Beach, we firmly believe that finding a place to host your stay is more than finding a room or booking a rate; it’s about finding that perfect vantage point for your vacation. Do you prefer a bungalow away from the crowds or maybe a hotel close to the action? Does your bright, beachfront condo have perfect views of the sunrise each morning, or maybe you prefer camping under the stars?

Virginia Beach boasts a diverse, immense collection of comfortable accommodation options. We want you to feel at home, so we make it easy to find a place that fits your personality and your budget. However you choose to spend your stay, you are sure to find a place in Virginia Beach.

Please check with local accommodations for current operating conditions before booking.


Open Invitation