Joshua Carolino



Open Waters


Josh spent his entire childhood in Virginia Beach. Never drifting too far from the beach, he currently oversees wholesale for Wave Riding Vehicles (WRV) and is stoked to be a part of a 50 year old brand that employs a variety of craftsmen + core figures in the surf, skate, and fashion communities. To josh, the love of riding waves is what it's all about! His time working in the surf biz has always kept him in the loop with other local businesses and restaurants and he's enjoyed seeing the growth of all the businesses in The Alley. When he's not hooking up surfers with the latest gear, you can always find him grabbing bites and drinks at all of the spots on Norfolk Ave (Gringos, Back Bay Brewing, Zeke's, and Pizza Chapel. On a good day of waves, you can catch Josh at 1st Street Jetty.  Getting a session before and after work is Josh's definition of a good day. They don't come often but when they do it really makes you appreciate what this city provides. 

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