Allen Harcourt



Open Minds


Allen is a graphic artist born & raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, "One of The biggest, little cities in America." For Allen, VB has shined a light on what our creative community can be, and it’s nothing but motivating and inspiring for him to be around. From the VB Flea Market to the ViBe Creative District and our Artist Block, these platforms have given local artists, like Allen, another way to visually express who we are. A few of the mottos that have helped shaped him into the human he is and the creative he's become include:

- Do the right thing: because it’s the right thing to do.
- Work hard: staying consistent and believing in your craft will create endless opportunities.
- Confidence and  stamina breeds success.

When Allen isn't creating, you can find him at his local watering hole, Barrel 17, for food and drinks at least twice a week. 

Allen's Favorite Places for a Cocktail




Allen's Favorite Brunch Spots