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In October 2021, the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau launched the evolved "Open Invitation" tourism campaign, which has been refined with a special focus on families, to show the world that, no matter the season, Virginia Beach is open and ready to help families make memories that will last a lifetime in our coastal city.

The Open Invitation campaign takes it a step further to make our Virginia Beach locals the stars of the show. With their unique insight on everything Virginia Beach has to offer, this campaign helps to highlight Virginia Beach as more than just a destination to visit, but as a community of which to be a part.


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An Open Invitation to Virginia Beach


Nobody wakes up in the morning and says “I can’t wait to visit that destination!” 

It’s different. It’s not a destination we seek. It’s a feeling. 

It’s not a city we crave, but rather, a community. 

A single serving destination might have a shoulder season, but Virginia Beach is not one dimensional.  The Fall / Winter timing in Virginia Beach is rich with opportunity to convey that not only are there many things to do, but you’ll feel amazing while you’re here. And you’ll leave better for it. Not just because of what you experienced, but who you experienced it with – our community.

If it is a feeling our Guests seek, our invitations will convey a sense of welcome and openness from any first exposure.  Openness is abundant in our Place and our People. Always presented with the utmost respect and each held in equally high regard.  We’ll convey: I feel welcome in Virginia Beach. It’s a place I need to experience.

Virginia Beach is open in every way. It is no longer implied. This Fall / Winter we are making it abundantly clear.



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Thank You For Helping Us Share the Life




See how you, our valued tourism partner and Virginia Beach local, can work with us to be apart of the open invitation campaign. Check out the locals below with whom we have been working.




Download and share these fun and educational resources for families. With our arts scene, museums, rich history and unique coastal environment, there is no shortage of educational opportunities and unforgettable fun to be had in Virginia Beach. From distance learning opportunities to fun, interactive scavenger hunts and coloring books, these resources will help you and your family get the most out of a Virginia Beach vacation.