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    It usually hits the children first; it’s that moment right when they spot the ocean- their eyes light up and a slow, but widening smile creeps across their faces. Moments later, adults succumb to its calling, there is no fighting it; the ‘fun’ has taken over. Experts are unsure of the source, but we know it’s just something in the air- or maybe it’s the bounty of attractions and things to do that bring people back year after year. You decide for yourself, watch as it spreads from the friendly-faced locals out on the boardwalk down to the self-proclaimed sand castle king of Sandbridge.

    How to know if you’re having fun

    The thing about fun- you just know it when you see it. It’s that Paddle-Boarder catching his first wave and it’s the first fish of the day caught off the 15th street pier. It’s watching Mom step out of her shell as the parasail takes her high above the horizon- she might even go out for drinks on the town later. It’s the hole in one in front of your boss on hole nine. Or it’s your favorite Christmas card cover- the one where the whole family finally got together for a group picture and the incoming wave came crashing down just at that perfect moment when the shutter flashed to catch it all in action.

    One more thing about fun, it can leave a lasting impression. It’s probably why so many people come back year after year. So come join us, find your fun and understand what we mean when we say ‘Live the Life’.

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