Pinup Coffee Co Cafe
  • 1805 Kempsville Rd, Ste. 106, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
  • P: (757) 676-9438
  • District: Inland
The cafe is INSIDE Back Bay Farmhouse! Come in, or order online so your drink is ready for you when you arrive. Enjoy the property and relax on the porch, or work from upstairs with your latte. All coffee drinks are made with our own in-house roasted specialty coffee. Driven by our passion for exceptional coffee, we're on a mission to celebrate every carefully roasted batch by brewing each cup to reflect the outstanding taste and quality we stand for. Our cafe embodies our vision of creating better coffee for everyone, and offers a welcoming space where the community can gather to savor local, craft-made beverages. Join us to share blissful moments, forge connections, and experience coffee the way it was truly meant to be enjoyed!
  • Year-Round: