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  • Virginia Beach Weather

    It's not too good to be true. We really do have mild winters, delightful springs, brilliant summers and crisp falls. See the weather facts here.

    Travel Directions

    Reaching Virginia Beach by plane, train or automobile is simple and direct. Find road mileage from major cities along with suggested routes and important contacts.

    All About Virginia Beach

    Virginia Beach offers so much to explore that it's hard to fit it all into one vacation.

    Dive into "The Daily Life" for an up-close-and-personal glimpse into our culture and see how we live the life year-round.

  • How to Live the Life

    Get the most out of your Virginia Beach vacation by blending in like a local. The beach is only the beginning when it comes to what this East Coast beach city has to offer. Dive headlong into a sea of possibilities, from fine dining to adventure sports to exploring the best boardwalk. We'll include helpful tips on travel and ways to squeeze the most out of every dime during your Virginia Beach vacation.

    With endless possibilities at every twist and turn, Virginia Beach is a true family beach destination. From the adventure sports to our pristine beaches, you will find something that appeals to everyone. We take one beautiful day at a time to enjoy the diversity that is Virginia Beach, absorbing the richness of the natural surroundings and the vibrancy of our Town Center. 

    You'll find that there's so much to do it will be impossible to leave. 

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    Video Gallery

    Video Gallery

    The next best thing to being here? Seeing it all in motion. We put you behind the camera for a series of the most exciting, inspiring, fun-loving Virginia Beach experiences.

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    There's so much to see and do in Virginia Beach that we can't stop writing about it. Whether you're looking for information about which fish are in season, everything outdoors, general travel information, or what the kids can do to have fun, here's the scoop on getting the most out of your Virginia Beach vacation.

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    Beach Rules & Tips

    Rules Tips

    To help you get the most fun out of your visit to Virginia Beach, we’ve pulled together a handy list of important rules and tips to keep you in the know and good to go.

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