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  • All aboard for winter wildlife-watching boat trips in Virginia Beach

    Take to the seas for a two-hour adventure in search of all things winged, finned and winter-wonderful! Virginia Beach’s food-rich waters attract all kinds of seabirds and even the occasional migrating whale close to our shores in cooler months, making Winter Wildlife Boat Trips exciting outings to share with family and friends.

    The excursions are offered by two tour operators in Virginia Beach, each welcoming you onboard a spacious, comfortable vessel with heated cabins and generous viewing areas. From your vantage point on deck, you’ll be on the lookout for brown pelicans, northern gannets, double-crested cormorants and other waterfowl making dramatic dives and splashes as they feed on schools of fish.

    Nature’s playground even in winter, these waters are traveled by humpback, fin and sometimes right whales as they complete their Atlantic migrations. Attracted by large schools of menhaden and bay anchovies, these giants of the sea are occasionally spotted lunge feeding, slapping their tails and flippers, or even breaching to check out their surroundings – giving viewers the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

    Whether your fellow passengers’ excitement alerts you to a whale spout on the horizon, or an Aquarium educator is onboard to narrate your trip, you’ll want to catch every minute of the adventure. No matter what you spy along the way, a Winter Wildlife Boat Trip promises the thrill of riding the open seas during one of Virginia Beach’s most exhilarating seasons!

    Boat Tour Operators

    Virginia Aquarium: Sea Adventures

    Rudee Flipper

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