Pinup Coffee Co
Pinup Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster in Virginia Beach driven by passion and integrity. It is our company’s mission to bring people together over great coffee, from the farmers to the drinkers, and rid the notion of exclusivity around incredible coffee. We craft our coffees with you in mind by finding specialty coffees that fit your tastes, knowing that there isn’t a one-size fits all to coffee. Coffee is a widely consumed drink, and it should be celebrated as being uniquely you. You can taste different roast levels and flavor profiles that you enjoy, and do it with style! Our coffees are analyzed, tested, and roasted to ensure that we bring out the best of what each lot has to offer; and we are reminded that what we drink on a daily basis, can – and should be – better for all. Stop by the roastery for a bag of fresh roasted coffee!
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