One Knot On Water Boat Training
  • 8000 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • P: (757) 403-8858
  • District: Oceanfront
The mission of One Knot is to take the stress out of boating so you can enjoy your time on the water. Our prices are all per outing not per person, so we encourage individual or group experiences. Overall we encourage new boaters to have fun, while learning the skills needed to make boating more enjoyable every time they get on the water.  We recognize that each boater is different, so we tailor the three-hour experience to the individual. We have a checklist we use as a starting point that includes line handling, navigation, low-speed maneuvering, setting a safe speed for the conditions and docking. We walk though these items, and focus on the areas the boater wants to focus on. Some boaters do not feel ready for more difficult tasks such as docking in current, where others want to focus only on the most difficult tasks, and that’s good with us. We want each boater to enjoy the experience but more importantly to get the most out of our training.
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