Beach Vodka
  • 1375 Oceana Blvd., Ste. 142, Virginia Beach, VA 234654
  • District: Oceanfront
The Beach is more than just sand and waves, it’s a way of life; having been raised at its shoreline, the founders of Beach Vodka are fueled by their passion for sharing it. Stephanie and T.Ray have been the best of friends for over 10 years. Through their love of celebrating friends and family, they have come to recognize that life, while sweet, is short and should always be lived to its fullest. Having grown up in Virginia Beach, Stephanie and T.Ray cherish the carefree, relaxed spirit of their beach town and carry it with them everywhere their travels take them. Building Beach Vodka together has become the perfect way for them to share their love of the beach life.
  • Year-Round: