Winter Waters
Bring Giant Thrills

  • Winter Wildlife Boat Tours

    Board a tour boat and venture out off the coast of Virginia Beach in search of winter wildlife. With several excursions launching throughout the week, it’s easy to catch a ride to the

    Hotel Packages

    After a brisk day on the water, the warm welcome of a comfortable hotel is just right. Accommodations in Virginia Beach give you plenty of options.

    Winter Fun Activities

    Excitement doesn't hibernate in Virginia Beach. Explore the best of Virginia Beach Winter Fun to add to this season's itinerary.

    Dive into "The Daily Life" for an up-close-and-personal glimpse into our culture and see how we live the life year-round.

  • Whale watching in Virginia Beach is more exciting than ever

    When there’s a chill in the air, there just might be a thrill in the water. As great Atlantic cetaceans make their yearly migrations, they can be seen just off our coast – and often lingering to take advantage of our food-rich waters. Every winter, the promise of a sighting makes for some sweet anticipation, and recently the whales have been playing to satisfied onlookers.

    Set sail with one of the boat trip operators for an excursion off the coast of Virginia Beach in search of winter wildlife, and you never know what you might encounter. Maybe three humpbacks breezing by. A large group of dolphins coasting along. An elusive fin whale allowing itself to be viewed. A humpback making a show of its bubble netting as it feeds, another breaching to the oohs and ahhs of a thrilled crowd. From your boat, you’ll have a chance to get close to some of nature’s most wondrous and awe-inspiring creatures, and learn what brings them to Virginia Beach waters.

    Take advantage of cool season adventure by customizing your own getaway around a Winter Wildlife Boat Trip. Take your pick of hotels offering special whale watching packages and get in on all the fun before it’s over – our whale friends won’t be hanging around forever!

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