Virginia Beach is Open


Located in the Coastal Virginia region, our unique districts are open and thriving year-round and our community is ready to show you how we happily live the life. From the lively Oceanfront District and eclectic ViBe Creative District, to the bustling Town Center and everywhere in between, there’s a place here for everyone. Home to a flourishing local food scene, rich history, expansive, homegrown arts and entertainment options, and endless ways to just get outside and play, we invite you to explore everything our diverse coastal community has to offer.

We’re open, and we are ready to welcome you and your family to Virginia Beach.



And We're Ready For You


With a diverse selection of mouthwatering, eclectic food, a past that includes the very first European settlers landing on our shores, and a lineup of entertainment options like the annual Something in the Water Festival, among many others, Virginia Beach is excited to play host to you and your family's next adventure.