"We're Open" Toolkit for Local Businesses

We're Open

In March 2020, the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau launched the "We're Open" tourism campaign to show the world that Virginia Beach is open to all, dedicated, and most importantly, truly welcoming of visitors.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which required us to temporarily pause the campaign.

Since then, we've been following government guidelines and restrictions regarding public safety.

On 5/15/20, Virginia Beach entered Phase One of the reopening process and on May 18, 2020, Governor Ralph Northam announced that Virginia Beach will fully re-open beaches to the public on Friday, May 22, 2020. We are focused on safely and responsibly re-opening our coastal city, and to commemorate the occasion we will relaunch our newly refined "We're Open" campaign. We encourage our local businesses to get involved as we begin rolling out various tools and resources.

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We’re open, and we are ready to welcome you and your family to Virginia Beach. Our unique districts are open and our city is ready with your safety and health as top priority. From the lively Oceanfront District and eclectic ViBe Creative District, to the bustling Town Center and everywhere in between, there’s a place here for everyone to relax, have fun and just simply be yourself. Home to a flourishing local food scene, rich history, expansive, homegrown arts and shopping, and endless ways to just get outside and play, we invite you to explore everything our diverse coastal city has to offer.

We’re open, and we are ready to welcome you and your family to Virginia Beach.





1. We're Open Profile Frame

Right now you can update your social media profile frame (click here to go directly to it) with the “We’re Open Virginia Beach ™” logo. If you have a business account and are having trouble adding the frame to your business page, please click here for step-by-step instructions.   We have been informed that businesses are having trouble updating their business page and we've reached out to Facebook directly with assistance with this. Thank you for your patience.

We're Open Profile Frame



2. Hashtag #VBisOpen

Use the hashtag #VBisOpen to share with us and travelers what your business is doing during the Phase One re-opening process.

We're Open phone

Social Media Post Examples:

Example 1 Surf and Adventure Co. is open, and your paddleboard is waiting for you. We will see you soon! #VBIsOpen

Example 2 Commonwealth Brewing Company is open, and your beer is waiting for you. We will see you soon! #VBIsOpen

Example 3 The Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel is open, and your room is waiting for you. We will see you soon! #VBIsOpen



3. Logo Signage Templates and Logo Use for Promotions

We're Open

The “We’re Open Virginia Beach ™”graphic is now available to be used on marketing collateral for your business. The graphic may be used on items such as stickers, badges, shirts, posters, email marketing or ads. We want to empower you to use this message and assets in ways that are relevant for your business. We've included templates in the logo request form for rack cards, business cards, tent cards and 8x11 signs.

We're Open 8x11 We're Open rack card 

• Can you create posters for your business?
• Can you add it to your website?
• Can you create social media posts with your imagery?
• How can you spread the message?

Visual Examples

We're Open Shirt 

We're Open menu

We're Open Banner




We're Open Color Palette

pantone 304 c rgb: 154/219/232 hex: 9ADBE8 cmyk: 35/0/2/0 appears in the wave art.

pantone 226 c rgb: 208/0/112 hex: D00070 cmyk: 0/100/0/2 appears in the scroll and the sun.

pantone 1235 c rgb: 255/184/28 hex: FFB81C cmyk: 0/25/94/0 appears in the word “We’re” and in the sun’s rays.

pantone 228 c rgb: 137/12/88 hex: 890C58 cmyk: 17/100/0/33 appears in the sun.

pantone 304 c rgb: 154 219 232 hex: 9ADBE8 cmyk: 35/0/2/0 appears as the mark background color.

pantone 274 c rgb: 34 21 81 hex: 221551 cmyk: 98/97/0/49 appears in the word “Open.”

If you are interested in using this logo, fill out the CONTACT form below. 




 A limited run of printed window signs are being produced for local distribution. 

If you are a member of VB Restaurant Association, VB Hotel Association, ViBe Creative District, Central Business District Association or Atlantic Avenue Association, please contact your Executive Director or Marketing Manager to receive your window sign on 5/22/20.

For all other businesses, signs are available first come first serve at the Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau office located in the first glass Town Bank building at the end of I-264 at the Oceanfront (address: 2101 Parks Avenue Suite 500 Virginia Beach, VA 23451). You may call ahead to check availability or reserve a sign. Please call Ron Kuhlman, Interim CVB Director, at 757-385-6645.

This graphic is also made available to you for download in the Logo Toolkit request form below.

We're Open sticker




Summer Smarter

Summer Smarter in Virginia Beach is the message we are working to share to residents and guests to highlight to work that Virginia Beach businesses are doing to protect consumer and employee health. The CVB is interested in learning and sharing what YOU are doing to make your guests comfortable during the Phase I opening so we can include this information in our advertising promotions.  This gives you the opportunity to share your new cleanliness protocols with visitors to our website through your business listing.


1. Log in to your Partner Pipeline.

2. On the Home Screen, under  Marketplace, press “Learn More.”

3. Next, press “Register” to add your information. There will be a form to fill out.

4. Finally, press “Submit” and we will be notified of your submission.


Here is an example of a business listing, Rockafeller's, with their "Summer Smarter" pledge. We recommend that you use the same intro sentence and exit sentence with your details in the middle. VIEW PDF

INTRO SENTENCE: BUSINESS NAME is taking the pledge to Summer Smarter in 2020 – and in partnership with the city of Virginia Beach, we will adhere to a new set of operational protocols with the safety, security and well-being of our community, our visitors and our employees in mind.


CLOSING SENTENCE: At BUSINESS NAME, We’re Open, and we’re pledging to Summer Smarter.


If you are currently having trouble updating your business listing, or need to create one, email our CVB Partner Development Team.


The CVB will be producing posters and window clings to acknowledge businesses who have participated in the Summer Smarter initiative. Business listings must be updated by June 10th to be represented on our poster. 


Instructions again:

1. Log in to your Partner Pipeline.

2. On the Home Screen, under  Marketplace, press “Learn More.”

3. Next, press “Register” to add your information. There will be a form to fill out.

4. Finally, press “Submit” and we will be notified of your submission.




We're Open Logo Request

“We’re Open” Logo Usage Policy

The “We’re Open Virginia Beach ™”  logo is owned by the City of Virginia Beach and is pending trademark approval. In general, the use of the logo should be limited to Virginia Beach businesses and is recommended to be used for promotional and marketing purposes directly related to Virginia Beach’s tourism, cultural and economic vitality industries.  The City of Virginia Beach strives to maintain the integrity of the logo and therefore restricts the use of the logo to promotion of travel, tourism, and recreation in Virginia Beach.

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