Know your rights before you Go Beachless! in Virginia Beach
[Ref. Beachless Zones, No. 4721, 3-4-19]

Virginia Beach would like to publically announce our Beachless Zones making it your right to Go Beachless! in Virginia Beach. While our Oceanfront District, Chesapeake Bay District, Sandbridge District, and beautiful beaches continue to offer unforgettable escapes, we’re encouraging vacationers to lose their bathing suits—and expose themselves to all Virginia Beach has to offer. *

*Public Disclaimer: Go Beachless! at your own risk. The City of Virginia Beach assumes no responsibility if you are pleasantly yet thoroughly exhausted after attempting to take part in all of the previously outlined inland activities.

Virginia Beach
Beachless Zones (No. 4721, 3-4-19)Virginia Beach


Sec. 1-1. - Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to attract visitors to the City, spark their curiosity, and encourage them to ‘Go Beachless!’ to promote exploration of adventurous, creative, and cultural activities at existing venues outside of the beach districts, and to establish a framework for broadening economic development through endeavors beyond the beach districts.

It is the intention of the Virginia Beach CVB to encourage the growth of non-beach activities and organizations by facilitating the establishment of ‘Go Beachless!’ Zones centered around businesses not connected to the beach, and principally engaged in fields such as performing arts, fine arts, cultural arts, museums, music, outdoor recreation, outdoor sports, farming and sustainability, indoor recreation, culinary arts, tasty food, wineries, craft beer breweries, distilleries, or shopping, and other fields in which creativity and originality are essential elements of the business; and where the beach is not required.

Sec. 1-2. - Establishment of ‘Go Beachless!’ Zones; boundaries.

There are hereby established the following ‘Go Beachless!’ Zones within the City:
The outlined ‘Go Beachless! Zones’ are primarily comprised of the areas beyond the boundaries of the Oceanfront District, Sandbridge District and Chesapeake Bay District and include, but are not limited to, the surrounding vibrant districts that are such a unique part of Virginia Beach’s diverse community:
(1) The Pungo District
(2) The Town Center District
(3) The Inland District
(4) The ViBe Creative District

Sec. 1-3. - Definitions. Going Beachless! in public generally.

(a) As used in this section, "Beachless" means a state of dress so as to not be dressed in a bathing suit for purposes of swimming, surfing, relaxing, lounging, or sunbathing at the beach

(b) It shall be acceptable for any person to knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally appear in public, or in a public place, or in a place open to the public or open to public view, in a state of ‘Going Beachless”; or to employ, encourage or celebrate another person to so appear.

Sec. 1-4. Go Beachless! in public

(a) It shall be lawful for any person, visitor, vacationer, traveler, weekend getawayer, sightseer, daytripper, last-minute adventurer, thrill-seeker, local or non-local citizen, to:

(1) Undress and remove a bathing suit, in the privacy of a hotel room, vacation home, cottage, B&B, home, or private residence, and change into normal clothes, non-beach clothes, or clothes designed for activities not directly related to beaches or swimming in the ocean, for purposes of being seen in public while:

(a) Exploring a State Park, for purposes of hiking, walking, running, jogging, unwinding, relaxing, and experiencing the great outdoors; or,

(b) Traversing a secluded public waterway, lake, stream, or estuary for purposes of kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), or fishing, and discovering nature, in general; or,

(c) Eating in a fine restaurant, fancy restaurant, casual restaurant, cafe, pub, diner, pastry shop, or venue where exquisite cuisine and delicious food is prepared and consumed; or,

(d) Attending a concert, live musical performance, or music venue where music is performed in front of rowdy yet respectful fans who appreciate good music and musicians as a whole; or,

(e) Attending a live theatrical performance, orchestral performance, or venue where plays, musicals, Broadway shows, movies, comedies, live comedy acts, or live addresses are performed, typically in front of more reserved patrons of the arts who are well-dressed and appreciate the finer nuances of music, theatre, and culture, as compared to the average observer; or,

(f) Experiencing a museum, art gallery, artist studio, or venue where works of art, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and fine art are proudly displayed to visitors who attend for purposes of admiration, or getting in touch with their creative side, also commonly referred to as the ‘right brain’, while simultaneously becoming more cultured, or spiritually enlightened; or,

(g) Visiting an aviation museum where airplanes, jet planes, biplanes, helicopters, and various aircraft from the military are displayed to people who attend for purposes of learning about the United States military services and American history, while simultaneously admiring those who served and becoming more informed about those who paved the way for our country; or,

(h) Going to a winery, distillery, craft brewery, or specialized venue where flavorful alcoholic beverages are created by a vintner, master distiller, or brewmaster, from select ingredients, for purposes of satisfying the curiosities of adults, and allowing them to appreciate the qualities of fine spirits and libations, while often assisting in relaxation, aiding their mental state, helping them to unwind, and feel a sudden sense of cheerfulness, often in the company of close friends, who participate in the same for hours of laughter and stimulating conversation; or,

(i) Relaxing at a coffee house, or venue where fresh roasted gourmet coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha, chai tea, herbal tea, fresh smoothies, juices, and similar beverages are served by trained baristas, and often paired with fresh, delectable homemade pastries, croissants, whole grain breads, bagels, quiches, breakfast sandwiches, or scrumptious desserts, pie, cake, pudding, custard, and cookies, for purposes of providing a sudden burst of energy, or satisfying a sweet tooth, a sudden craving or an unexpected drop in blood sugar; or,

(j) Traveling to a farm, farmland, field, or location in the countryside where fresh local produce, fruits, or vegetables are grown naturally in Virginia Beach, primarily in the rural Pungo Agricultural District, that is seasonally available for any person to explore, for the purposes of picking fresh produce, especially in the spring when the strawberries have reached ripened perfection; or,

(k) Hitting a golf course, Top Golf, or a golf facility for purposes of enjoying the time-honored game of golf, also known as “links” from its Scottish heritage; or,

(m) Going to any public establishment or venue not already expressly outlined above.

(2) This shall be construed to apply to the exhibition, presentation, showing or performance of a state of ‘Going Beachless!’ at any public state park, restaurant, winery, brewery, distillery, play, ballet, drama, tableau, production or motion picture in any theater, concert hall, museum of fine arts, school, institution of higher learning or other similar establishment which is primarily devoted to non-beach exhibitions, presentations, shows or performances as a form of expression of not visiting the beach, for the purpose of enjoying other forms of recreation, entertainment, and lifestyle activities.


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