Virginia Beach Spring Break


Beach side with sea shells

Fun is Free

Virginia Beach is always cooking up ways to help you get more bang for your beach vacation. From exploring our free beaches and cruising our 3-mile boardwalk to grabbing a family photo with our 30-foot King Neptune Statue on the Boardwalk, fun is free on a Virginia Beach Spring Break. For a complete guide to Virginia Beach’s free and almost free activities, click here.

Kayaks paddling by dolphins

Miles of Adventure

No family Spring Break is complete without a little adventure. Intent on a physical challenge? Seeking out a serene natural sanctuary? Virginia Beach is acres of East Coast beach front, a meandering inner coastal waterway, hiking trailsnature walks, fresh water and salt water habitats all wrapped up in one destination. You just might lose yourself soaking up the pure wonderment that we live everyday. Grab a paddle and connect with a pod of new friends on a dolphin kayak excursion. Put the pedal down on your beach cruiser and find freedom on our 3-mile boardwalk. Wherever adventure takes your family, it’s all part of living the life.

Plate of crabs

Coastal Eats

Creating a unique dining experience is at the core of Virginia Beach’s local cuisine and just one more way your family can live the life. We encourage you to be adventurous and explore the options that most befit a great end to a day of play. You never know what tasty surprises you might uncover from one beach to the next. Bursting with options, Spring Break has never been so delicious.

Beach Art Work

Beach Culture

Virginia Beach is known for inspiring an unforgettable performance or two. Just look at the daily sunrise over the Atlantic. But the true art of the beach life isn’t only found on the sand. From epic displays of the visuals arts to musical concerts and the performing arts, Virginia Beach’s family-friendly cultural arts have claimed their spot in the sunlight. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Kid with swimming goggles

Little Kids, Big Imaginations

The beach is a giant playground where imaginations run wild, especially barefooted on the sand. The best part about Virginia Beach is that there is no shortage of activities for younger kids to enjoy. Throw in a surprise or two by catching some cownose rays at the Virginia Aquarium, explore natural surroundings along the trails of First Landing State Park, hit the monkey bars on Grommet Island Park, or explore, at a kid's pace, our miles and miles of pristine beaches


Taller Kids, Shorter Attention Spans

Your family’s Virginia Beach Spring Break is destined for greatness with kids’ activities to bring out the 10-year old in all of us. The Virginia Aquarium is a great place to start. Along with the amazing creatures that inhabit the new Restless Planet exhibit, the Virginia Aquarium inspires wonder in nature-lovers of all ages. The family-friendly Mount Trashmore Park is another local favorite. Equipped with a fully stocked playground, walking trails, and a skate park, it’s a great place to burn off that energy before dinner. For more fun kid-friendly Spring Break ideas, click here.

Coastal Walk Way Path

Too Cool for Parents, But Not for Fun

Teenagers sometimes cringe at the idea of a "family vacation" because it means sharing close quarters and giving up freedom. It doesn't have to be so. There are lots of places that suit parents and meet the needs of teens as well. Virginia Beach is always on the selective teen vacation list. Why? The reasons are obvious, this place is fun. Our easily-walk able boardwalk and oceanfront area create a teenager superhighway connecting them to a variety of coastal shops, restaurants, and attractions that give them the freedom they crave in a safe environment that parents love.

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