Please join us for the 9th annual Virginia Green Travel Conference, as tourism professionals from across the Commonwealth gather to seek sustainable solutions that both protect Virginia’s environment and are profitable for tourism businesses. Register here for this conference which takes place April 25 - 26 in Richmond. 

Topics will include:

  • Virginia’s Clean Energy Plan

  • Single-Use Plastics Reduction & the Greening of Government

  • Sustainability in Brewing

  • Water and Energy Efficiency

  • Virginia Environmental Legislative Update

  • Wind power and Renewables

  • Virginia Green Travel Star Awards

  • Green Tourism Business Expo

  • Green Building Design & Retrofit Opportunities

  • Innovations in Solar Lighting, Packaging & Electric Vehicle Charging​      


Build Back Greener: the Future of Sustainable Tourism in Virginia

This is a critical time in our lives. The industry was impacted in so many ways by the pandemic,  social justice issues and more. The health of the industry and our loved ones and co-workers and the health of our nation overall…well, it’s been quite a struggle. And  while the struggle isn’t over, we’ve all learned a lot about who we are and what we need to do to keep our businesses alive. We are stronger. We are better prepared and we are resolved even more to leave this world better than it was.

This is a time for healing and rebirth. A chance for real progress. Whenever a piece of equipment wears out, it is an opportunity to replace it with something that is more efficient and better for our bottom  line…and better for the environment.

Well, the time is now to replace a lot of  old stuff and ideas. And oh yeah, we are also rallying together to face a climate crisis. Let’s invest in the future with a renewed commitment to sustainable practices and renewable energy. Let’s work with our customers and our communities to create a sustainable tomorrow for our kids and grandchildren. 

We can do this together! Please join us in Richmond as we chart a course for building back greener!