According to Smith Travel Research data, Virginia Beach’s hotel occupancy rate for the week of December 20 – 26 was down 7.2% year-over-year to 34.6%, not as strong as the prior week but still ahead of its 12.5% decline for the running 28 days. ADR was down 5.9% to $77.88, better than the 8.2% decline for the running 28 days.  RevPAR was also down 12.7% to $26.93, also ahead of the running 28-day trend of -19.4%.  As a result, Revenue was down 10.2% to $2,079,271 for the week, ahead of the -17.0% trend for the running 28 days. Virginia Beach’s occupancy rate was down across most Class segments, ranging from -2.2% for the Midscale Class to -26.1% for the Upper Midscale Class.  However, the Economy Class continues to be the exception, with occupancy up 18.7% to 50.2%, ahead of its 12.4% increase for the running 28 Days. Despite Virginia Beach’s 7.2% decline in occupancy rate, it was at the top of its competitive set for the week, which ranged from Coastal Carolina, NC’s 12.4% decline to Williamsburg, VA’s 55.6% year-over-year decline for the week.