U.S. Travel Association is the national non-profit organization representing all components of the travel industry. In 2020, travel generated $1.5 trillion in economic output and supported 11 million jobs, a drastic decline from pre-pandemic figures. U.S. Travel operates as a 501(c)(6) organization.

Click here for a wealth of timely information including a variety of Toolkits, ready-made communication resources to help the travel community speak with one voice on a variety of critical topics.

Below we’ve listed some of what you’ll find on the U.S. Travel Association link shared above:

Travel Industry Relief Resources

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Package passed in December provides access to relief programs and offerings that will help the travel industry. This toolkit provides more information on who can access these programs, how to apply, and other critical information.

Let’s Go There Toolkit (Updated)

The final phase: through June 20

The Let’s Go There campaign aims to inspire Americans to do what is exciting and productive: make plans to travel. Use these resources to join a national conversation to reignite Americans’ sense of wanderlust and inspire them to plan, book, and take their next getaway.

Travel Confidently Toolkit

The health and safety of customers is the number one priority of every travel business. This shared viewpoint has brought sectors from across the industry together, working with health and medical experts, to reach a collective agreement on a core set of health and safety guidance that the industry may adapt to their businesses. Though each guidance may be implemented in different ways, each touchpoint is applying consistent enhanced cleanliness measures. A healthy and safe travel experience is a shared responsibility. When travel businesses, residents, and travelers all do their part, Americans can Travel Confidently.