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Virginia Beach is ready to welcome you. Our beaches are clean and ready for you and your loved ones. Sunbathers come for the wide, sandy beaches. Surfers come for the waves. And everyone comes for the unforgettable experience of a classic day at the beach.

While our beaches are open to enjoy,  some restrictions remain in place to ensure the health and safety of you and your family while you're here.

NOTE: In accordance with the Governor's Order, Virginia Beach is calling on residents, local businesses and visitors to adhere to established safety measures requiring masks to be worn in indoor public spaces
Regulations Include:
  • Keep 6-ft apart unless family
  • No large coolers - 39 quarts or less
  • No alcohol

Additional prohibitions to support distancing will be enforced and posted at each beach access.

In addition, no entertainment or programming that generate mass gatherings will be permitted. Public parking garages and surface lots will be limited to 50% capacity. All beach play-sets will remain closed. 

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, stated that he would not hesitate to reinstate additional restrictions or close beaches if people do not follow the rules. For more information about local ordinances, CLICK HERE.

The City will also be providing enhanced cleaning of high-touch surfaces, educating guests on how they can enjoy the beach with social/physical distancing and enforcing regulations through interaction with Virginia Beach beach ambassadors. For assistance or questions, look for these ambassadors in the red shirts, at each beach access entrance.

Effective May 25, 2020: The VB Wave and Bayfront Shuttle services (Routes 30,31,and 35) scheduled to start Memorial Day have been suspended until further notice for your safety.


Virginia Beach Accommodations are Summering Smarter 


In the planning and preparation to re-open the beaches of Virginia Beach, we believe we’ve defined the Gold Standard for beach safety and cleanliness, and our Hotel and Restaurant Associations followed suit with their own new protocols with the same important goals.

Together, we’ve all made a pledge to Summer Smarter in 2020 – and adhere to these protocols without compromise. It is Virginia Beach’s way to shine a light on our collective commitment to ensuring a safe, fun, and relaxing summer for all. 


We're Ready to Welcome You


With a diverse selection of mouthwatering, eclectic food, a past that includes the very first European settlers landing on our shores, and an endless variety of ways to get outside and enjoy our coastal charm, Virginia Beach is excited to play host to you and your family's next adventure this summer.


Where to Stay


Our hotels, cottages, rentals, and bed & breakfasts are taking every measure to ensure that your stay is healthy and free of worry. 

In Virginia Beach, we firmly believe that finding a place to host your stay is more than finding a room or booking a rate; it’s about finding that perfect vantage point for your vacation. Do you prefer a bungalow away from the crowds or maybe a hotel close to the action? Does your bright, beachfront condo have perfect views of the sunrise each morning, or maybe you prefer camping under the stars?

Virginia Beach boasts a diverse, immense collection of comfortable accommodation options. We want you to feel at home, so we make it easy to find a place that fits your personality and your budget. However you choose to spend your stay, you are sure to find a place in Virginia Beach.

Please check with local accommodations for current operating conditions before booking.


Things to Do Right Now


As we continue to navigate through the unique challenges we are all currently facing, there are still many ways to get out and explore our coastal city. While we all work to keep our distance from each other, here are five things you can still do, right now, in Virginia Beach.


Get Inspired