Wisdom Workshop: Meditation – The Cayce Way with Renée Branch

Among the top priorities for health and happiness in Edgar Cayce’s teachings was the advice to meditate “deeply.” Studies continue to show the amazing, life-enhancing benefits of meditation—stress reduction, improved brain function, enhanced immune system, more positive outlook, and even reversal of the aging process.

Meditation can also help you get in touch with your higher self and improve your sense of connection with God. It has been shown to increase self-awareness and the experience of being fully present in every moment.

Come learn the skills you need to successfully practice an Edgar Cayce-based meditation.

Registration: To register for a Wisdom Workshop call the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop at 757-457-7231. 

A.R.E. Wisdom Workshops joyfully welcome participants with all levels of interest and skill set.