The Power and the Promise: Edgar Cayce, the Book of John, and Your Spiritual Transformation

We’re happy to welcome you back to your spiritual family at A.R.E. Headquarters. Join us for this hybrid event – in-person or live online! 

There is no better time than now to develop a personal connection with the Divine and with our Higher Self by incorporating a regular spiritual practice of joyous prayer and affirmation throughout each day. But as we travel along this sacred path, we often wonder--are all prayers created equally? Is there a more powerful and effective way for us to receive Divine guidance amidst the challenges and distractions of everyday life? According to the Cayce readings, some passages are indeed more effective than others:

There is no better way to get divine guidance through prayer than by reading and analyzing the last chapters of Deuteronomy, and the messages or promises found in the 14th through 17th chapters of St. John. (ECRL 2067-6)

In this inspiring new workshop, you will explore Cayce’s insights into these passages and gain a real-world understanding of their meaning and message. You’ll get insights into these teachings from a universal lens by analyzing Cayce’s remarkable interpretation of the man from Nazareth, our “elder brother,” and learn how you can take a closer walk with the wisdom found in these powerful passages from the Book of John—a message for each of us, and for all of humankind.

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