The Grand National Championship
  • 3/12/2022, 3/13/2022
  • Virginia Beach Convention Center
  • 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • (410) 609-1212

Cheer and Dance Extreme is excited to host The Grand - National Championship By The Sea in the beautiful Virginia Beach Convention Center. 2022 will mark CDE's 18th year at the beautiful VBCC! Virginia Beach is perfect in March - beautiful weather and great hotel rates! Our Nationals, also known as, THE GRAND ~ National Championship By The Sea was the first National Championship hosted at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. We have teams from up and down the east coast attend to see who will be crowned, Cheer and Dance Extreme’s National Champion. We feel that hosting just ONE National Event makes it have more meaning.

We go the extra mile to make sure your team has a TRUE National Championship Weekend. CDE is proud to offer one of the best productions ~ nominated for SITA’s Best Use of Lighting, Sound & Set Design! Our fantastic National Themed Weekend with extra activities along with the town of Virginia Beach itself will make this the a wonderful National competition your team. One cannot forget all of the prizes – CASH, Coaches Gifts, National Participant Gifts, Jackets, Banners, Hoodies and More! So come and experience “THE GRAND” – The one and only at the Virginia Beach Convention Center!