Psychic Development with Lisa Lauderback, Psychic Medium

Yes, YOU are psychic! We ALL are! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, if you are wanting to learn how to trust and/or use your gift more, this is the workshop for you!

As a professional psychic, Lisa has met and done readings for so many highly intuitive people. These folks want to use their intuition more, whether for personal or professional use, but do not trust their abilities. They aren’t sure they will be able to consistently or clearly receive messages for themselves or others.

She has also noticed that there are two main obstacles to trusting your gifts. One is holding rigid ideas and beliefs about how information comes through. The other is not having the opportunities to actually practice. It is Lisa’s goal to offer assistance with both of these issues!

The first part of this workshop, will be a demonstration of psychic ability, where Lisa will share her gifts and explain a little about how they work as she gives mini-readings for the participants. You will explore all of the endless ways that messages can come through. This can be as unique as it is for each and every person! Not only will this hopefully open your mind to how creative the spirit world is, but also how unique each person’s gifts are.

Then YOU will have an opportunity to actually exercise your own psychic muscles by exchanging a short reading with a fellow attendee. It can be very difficult to learn how to use your gifts if you do not have any feedback. So, we will pair off and practice our intuition with each other. This will be a no pressure practice session, a safe space to explore your own psychic connection. Everyone will leave with a better idea of how their own personal psychic sense operates and how to better “tune in” to their own intuition.

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