Nikki Leone: Rule Breaker

Artist Nikki Leone challenges norms through unexpected art. As a woman juggling many roles, she seeks creative freedom beyond societal constraints. Leone explores math, science, and design—not for rigid answers but to find beauty in the tension of forms and imagery.  What makes one shape/object seem further away than another? Why do barking dogs seem masculine while flowers seem feminine? Her collages and rugs weave such odd pairings into nuanced visual statements.

Leone amplifies her vision by using AI to create images that she incorporates into her artwork. She blurs the digital and physical realms and claims agency over her artistic expression. Rule Breaker celebrates Leone’s unconventional journey as an artist who transcends expectations and redefines the boundaries of her craft.

Leone received her MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara after earning a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. Beyond her artwork, Leone works as a display coordinator and window design artist for retail companies and runs her own display design business, Poplar & Pine Studio.