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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certificate Training

Powerful Communication that Connects Mind and Body

Master trainer Dr. Yvonne Oswald, author of "Every Word Has Power" teaches you the transformative power of NLP! Gain the ability to create positive, lifelong change for yourself and others. Successful completions lead to certification as an NLP Practitioner.

You can overcome negative past programming, release unwanted habits and behaviors, and create real positive and lasting change with Neuro-Linguistic Programming!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a method of influencing brain behavior and thought through the use of language and other kinds of communication. NLP enables you to change the way your brain responds to both new input and past memories so you can manifest new and better thought behaviors. NLP incorporates hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve the change that is wanted. It can be a useful tool in everyday life and can help improve interview skills, assertiveness, confidence and success in the workplace.

Dr. Yvonne’s powerful and unique three-day transpersonal NLP practitioner certification course is full of exciting ways to bring you into contact with everything you want to have, or to be, or to do. It’s as simple as deleting old files on your computer and replacing them with new ones.

Learn more by calling 800-333-4499 or visit: