Many Lives, One Source

What does the past have to do with the now? Everything! Patterns in our lives are created by the residues left from past lives, our soul path and our connection to who we truly are. Every spiritual leader indicated (s) how important understanding reincarnation is for our soul’s growth. During this conference we will explore the soul’s journey with experts in the industry that include Dr. Shelley Kaehr, Linda Thunberg, MHt, NATH President & CEO and Gregg Unterberger. Join us!

Past Lives & Ancient Lands

Featuring Dr. Shelly Kaehr

Edgar Cayce on Connecting with Source
Among the over 14,000 individual Life Readings psychic Edgar Cayce gave during his lifetime, he mentioned that once, all souls were united in non-physical form in a state of love, unity, perfection and total oneness. Join Cayce and past life expert Dr. Shelley Kaehr for this enlightening program.

  • Discover what Edgar Cayce said about Source energy.

Life Between Lives: Revealing the Source and Path of You

Featuring Linda Thunberg, MHt, CCP, OM, CM, NATH President & CEO

Edgar Cayce was instructed in reading 8-1, “You will give the former appearances of the soul and spirit of the entity upon the earth plane, and the personalities expressed in the present life as brought forward from each of the various appearances.” He could and he did.

Similarly, being aware of our past lives and soul path through life between lives hypnosis helps us speed up the process of breaking through some unwanted patterns in our lives, and evolve perhaps faster. As an intuitive and medium, Linda will share how she “sees” past lives as playing cards on your shoulder, and how you too can get in touch with your multidimensional self.

Join Linda Thunberg, for a presentation on reincarnation, life between lives, and a group hypnosis to get glimpse of your soul’s path on this journey of your source, of you; and break some of those unwanted patterns in your life!

Lecture, experientials and group hypnosis included.

On the New Frontier of Near-Death Experiences

Featuring Gregg Unterberger, MEd, LPC

What you DON'T know about the NDEs
In the 1970s, medical science became increasingly skilled at resuscitating individuals who were defined as clinically dead. With the publication of the Dr. Raymond Moody’s best-seller, Life After-Life, the whole world began to hear about NDEs, which included meeting loved ones who had passed on, feelings of bliss, the infamous “tunnel” and “going to the Light.”

Unfortunately, while the knowledge base about NDEs has expanded exponentially in the last 40 years, the general public’s understanding has largely fused with the so-called “Moody Model.” But new research is demonstrating that NDEs are much more diverse and intriguing than we first thought. Did you know only ten percent of NDEs see the tunnel, that the vast majority divorce within ten years, and one in six describe painful “hellish” realms? This startling presentation will have you re-thinking everything you think you know about the Near Death Experience!

  • The mainstream medical establishment always responds that NDEs are hallucinations. Discover the 99 cases that may be the “smoking gun” that prove these experiences are real.
  • Is everyone met by their grandma who passed years before? Hear the reports of children met on the Other Side by teachers and sitters who are still alive.
  • Find out why anger is the most common and immediate response to NDEs
  • When you die, doesn’t your life flash before your eyes? Buckle your seatbelt. People from Pacific Rim cultures don’t have “life reviews.” Period.
  • Is there a map of heaven? Explore a potential cartography of the afterlife by understanding the commonalties between the what Cayce and other psychics say about the afterlife, NDEs, and thousands of individuals who have been regressed to the Life Between Lives.
  • Hear a moving audio of someone in full waking consciousness exploring heavenly realms, meeting “beings of Light” and experiencing all-encompassing love.