Live Webinar: Synchronicity: Finding Your Path Through Signs, Strangers and Spirit Animals
  • April 28, 2021
  • Online
  • 215 67th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 9:15 PM

Join us April 28, 8:00-9:15 p.m. ET for this LIVE webinar as Christina Grozik discusses Synchronicity: Finding Your Path Through Signs, Strangers & Spirit Animals.

The Universe provides us with guides that can help us along our journey through life, providing us with insights and intuitions that can bring direction, hope, and comfort. As we move through the world, many types of guides and guidance—synchronicities—appear to us at different periods in time to help us navigate our path. In our busy, distracted lives, we often move through our days without recognizing the signs and symbols that surround us, yet all we need do is to become fully present to these messages and know that the Universe speaks to us through many sources.

Drawing from ancient mystical cultures, native wisdom, and the Edgar Cayce readings, Christina Grozik, an integrated wellness guide, sound vibrational therapist, and producer, shares ways to recognize and understand these synchronicities and:

  • Explore ways to find your spirit animal—or animals
  • Understand how the words from a stranger may be the message you are looking for
  • Look at different ways signs and symbols may appear for you
  • Get insights into what this means in the bigger picture of life

Join us for this fun and fascinating LIVE webinar that explores paths to embrace the knowledge that we are never truly alone—our guides are here for us, all we need to do is tune in and be aware!

Moderated by Cara Blume.

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