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Karmic Connections: Soulmates, Twin Souls & Karmic Friends with Brennyn Molloy

In this inspired workshop, Brennyn Molloy shares insights into the evolutionary nature of Karma: how it is created, shared, carried and healed. Learn how to trust the signs of karmic relationships and recognize the differences between Soulmates, Twin Souls and Karmic Friendships. All relationships have the potential to be a helpful experience in terms of soul growth and personal transformation simply because we learn most about ourselves through our interactions with others. Evaluate your past life influences, explore reincarnation and realize the connectedness in all creation on the SOUL LEVEL.

Cost: $25.00
Save $5.00 if you register by November 14, 2018

Registration: To register for a Wisdom Workshop call 757-457-7231, or stop by the A.R.E. Bookstore & Gift Shop.

A.R.E. Wisdom Workshops joyfully welcome participants with all levels of interest and skill set.

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