Integrative Sound Healing Certificate Training

Integrative Sound Healing Certificate Training


APRIL 18, 2024 - APRIL 21, 2024

Virginia Beach, VA

Join us for an experimental study of sound and integrative healing. Learn how to ignite a personal healing experience by becoming a practitioner of this wonderful phenomenon.

Come experience the blissful transformation for yourself and take away the knowledge and healing modalities of singing bowls, groups, drums, and more.

  • An exploration into sound, vibration, and silence, and how they can be used as tools for wellness.
  • A study of various sound tools and how to use them, including singing bowls (metal and crystal), gongs, drums, shakers, chimes, and more.
  • Guidance on constructing your own sound practice for either self-care or to facilitate group sessions.
  • Demonstrations on how to integrate additional modalities into your sound practice, including breath work, light movement, vocal toning, and more.
  • Techniques for creating your sound space, setting the tone of the environment, a step-by-step outline on how to build your own session, and tips for concluding the experience with grounding exercises.
  • A review of Edgar Cayce’s teachings on vibration.
  • Daily sound journeys conducted by Christina Grozik.
  • A screening of the documentary, Going OM.A group participation sound journey which includes training, effective feedback, and navigating conflict.
  • Certification awarded after completion.

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