Harmony & Rejuvenation: Edgar Cayce on Body, Mind, Spirit

Are you looking to walk a new path for the New Year? Create a new you with advice from our Cayce experts.

Join John Van Auken, Dr. John Waitekus, Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt, and Dr. J.P. Amonte, DC

These Edgar Cayce teachers and practitioners will help you with a strategy to achieve the results you aspire to, and how to improve and enrich your life using Cayce’s amazing insights, concepts, and practices.

Learn to allow your inner being to fulfill your goals!
This weekend seminar is designed to provide you with the knowledge and means to become all that the Creative Forces intended when you were first conceived in Infinity. “Let there be Light!” and Cayce taught that we are each rays of light seeking to unite with the Source of Light and enjoy eternal harmony, joy, and serenity. The teachers selected for this seminar have all dedicated their lives to learning and practicing the wisdom from the Universal Consciousness that Edgar, Gertrude, and Gladys recorded, indexed, and preserved for us ,with the singular intention of making our lives better and making the world a better place, because that light shines through us to those we meet and share life with.

Join us for this soul growth opportunity.

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