Encore Presentation: Edgar Cayce on the Eternal Life of the Soul: Our Journey After Death featuring Corinne Cayce, MA
  • August 7, 2021
  • Online
  • 215 67th St, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

What happens when we die? How do we prepare for our own death and for the loss of our loved ones? Are our dreams of and experiences with our loved ones who have passed on real, and if so, what do they mean? Whether we like it or not, death is always close beside us—both through the truth our own mortality and the inevitable loss of those we hold most dear. The Edgar Cayce readings offer profound teachings on death, the afterlife, and the journey of the soul. In this experiential program, we will explore the material in the Cayce readings on preparation for death, and life after death. Participants will come away from this three-part workshop with:

  • a deeper understanding of the Edgar Cayce readings on life after death
  • practices for preparing for death and living each day in meaningful way
  • tools for supporting a loved who has passed on or who is in transition
  • meditation and dream analysis instruction

Corinne Cayce, MA, a life-long student of the Readings, Life Coach, and great-granddaughter of Edgar Cayce, helps us understand how death is part of life and nothing to fear, but to embrace as part of who we are on our soul’s journey back to God.

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