Edgar Cayce’s Wisdom for Our Times

Join us for a dynamic gathering of five of our most popular Cayce experts. They will be sharing their depth of knowledge and extensive experiences with the Cayce work and bringing it to life for you!

During this conference you will: 

  • Identify the core teachings in the Cayce readings and discover how much of the information was given in preparation for our modern times.
  • Clarify your values, ideals, and motivations –a foundational step for transformation, and learn to cultivate specific attitudes and emotions to nurture and support your healing process. 
  • Explore the concept of personal responsibility and how the Cayce readings challenge us to acknowledge the way we show up for others and how that can be a powerful force for good.
  • Learn about the current research on aging and longevity and discover holistic health principles to improve your health the Cayce way. 
  • Take a deeper look at reincarnation from a unique perspective and escape from the grind of karma to bring lasting positive change in your life and your relationships.

Explore the Cayce work in a new way, hear different perspectives, and learn practical steps that you can take to align with your spirituality and expand your soul growth.