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Dreaming Your Future

Using the Wisdom of Your Higher Self for Guidance in 2019 and Beyond

This workshop, featuring Cayce teacher Cheryl Baer-Bernath CHt, goes beyond the more commonly understood symbolic dreams and will also explore the more esoteric side of the dream world. You’ll learn how some dreams are actually real experiences in the spirit world, traversing the illusions of time and space to explore glimpses into our future or allowing us to travel to distant lands or even attend spiritual classes in our sleep!

Dreams are an integral part of our physical, mental, and spiritual development, and they are a natural way of knowing God and our true nature. We receive dream guidance on every aspect of our being—health, vocation, relationships, spirituality, daily life, and more. We are given insights into our decisions, our spiritual path, and our future, and can even receive insights into past lives or messages from our departed loved ones.

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