Conscious Community: EARTH, LOVE AND FREEDOM: Igniting the Freedom of your Heart and Soul with Marya Michael

Join us as Author Marya Michaels takes you on a journey to understand the healing power of Earth, Love, and Freedom. Marya will lecture on how the essence of love is one with the Earth and guide you through the best ways to say “Yes!” to your innate power of healing love. During this event, Marya will discuss the topics below:

  1. Who am I now?
  2. Calling upon more
  3. Rooted Power
  4. Soul Embodiment and Authority
  5. The Mystery of Oneness

Free and Open to the Public!
August 17th, 2022 • 6-8 pm
Live In-Person & Streaming Online

This event will be live-streamed to Facebook

Questions will be answered during this event!

Come early to grab your spot!

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