Become Who You Were Born to Be: Edgar Cayce’s Secret to Living Your Best Life Now!

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For more than a century, insights and suggestions from the Edgar Cayce readings have enabled individuals to overcome obstacles, create health and wellness, improve relationships, pursue their soul’s mission, and transform their lives – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now is the time to explore some of the incredible tools and techniques found within the Cayce readings that will help you make lasting changes to improve your life—and the lives of those around you—with Life Coach, Cayce scholar, and past-life regressionist Jon Shatat.

In this interactive, enlightening NEW program you will:

  • Learn from years of research interviewing Cayce reading recipients. As we go over cases, you will delve deeper into the mysteries of reincarnation and discover how some souls were able to reach their full potential and other did not.
  • Learn how to apply universal laws—the spiritual tenets that are in place at all times for all people—to transform your life, making it more productive for yourself and others in the process
  • Expand your self-awareness while examining some of the timeless Cayce guidance about improving your outlook on life (and changing your attitudes and emotions in the process!)
  • Experience mental techniques that you can apply to help you overcome any kind of stress, challenge, or obstacle
  • Gain new insights for living a balanced and holistic life and understand the relationship between your body and mind
  • Learn what the Reading say about addictions and the best way to overcome them

You’ll explore one of Cayce’s core concepts—that “mind is the builder'—and learn how to use this principle to replace negative or harmful patterns with more positive and healthy habits. Explore the readings’ that express how our body is the “temple of the soul” and learn simple things you can do to improve your own health and maintain vibrant wellness.

"What one thinks continually, he becomes. What one cherishes in his heart and mind, he makes a part of the pulsation of his heart through his own blood cells, and builds his own physical body."  Edgar Cayce reading 3744-4

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