Arrival from Sweden - The Music of ABBA

Since their start in 1995, ARRIVAL has toured in over 70 countries, done 82 successful USA tours, and has appeared in several TV and radio shows all over the world. They have played with over 100 symphony orchestras, including Boston Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and more.

They are the only group that has been given a previously unreleased ABBA song directly from Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA. The song “Just A Notion” was released by ARRIVAL from Sweden in 1999 and was yet again released by the original ABBA in 2021 on their latest record "Voyage."

Musical arrangements by ARRIVAL From Sweden, ABBA string arranger and bass player, the late Mr Rutger Gunnarsson, and the famous arranger Tommy Hansson, made after ABBA original arrangements. The show The Music of ABBA is approved by ABBA and Universal Music Group.

“Arrival did not disappoint, playing all of the legendary group’s biggest hits well into the night. It was a time warp of the most entertaining kind — they looked like ABBA, they sounded like ABBA, they dressed like ABBA, for all intents and purposes, they were ABBA.” — The Sun Valley Times