A.R.E. Professional Life Coach Certificate Training

This training is built on the belief that your ability to be present for another person—to lead, to heal, to connect, to support—is dependent on your own courageous presence with yourself. The more deeply you engage in your own growth—your own spiritual path— the greater your capacity to support another’s growth. Each day will be made up of equal parts self- exploration and learning and applying holistic tools and practices with others.

Together we will:

  • Practice daily somatic awareness practices to grow your ability to stay present to the wisdom of your body.
  • Receive guided meditation instruction to deepen your practice and work with affirmations.
  • Learn techniques for supporting yourself and others to put values into action.
  • Engage in small group dialogue and coaching experientials to apply what you learning.
  • Journal with reflective prompts to notice what you are learning about yourself.
  • Record and interpret your dreams to strengthen your connection to your unconscious and learn to guide others in doing so.
  • Participate in process and sharing conversations to practice active listening, giving and receiving effective feedback and navigating conflict.

Grounded in material from the Cayce readings on body-mind- spirit integration, brought to life with exercises in applied psychology, spirituality and leadership, shared in a learning community—this training invites you to grow into who you are longing to be.

This training has three core elements:

  • Inner exploration
  • A learning community of practice
  • Learning material from the Cayce readings that can be applied tools in your work and life

We’ll connect this cutting-edge research to ideas from the readings and break down practical ways to apply them with your clients, students, customers, colleagues—everyone you relate with!