92nd Annual A.R.E. Members Congress

Join us as we celebrate the ONENESS…of All People

Ready to come back to your spiritual home? Come enjoy a week of fellowship with like-minded People.

Whether you are a long-term member, just joined us, or simply curious about the work of Edgar Cayce, we invite and welcome you to attend our 92nd Annual Congress. We celebrate this year's theme "Oneness…of All People" here at the A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia. 

We will explore and rediscover our community through offerings of insightful and inspiring explorative study and experiential opportunities through learning and nurturing our sense of belonging and community. 

We ask that you be curious and open to embrace an experience for growth and the gift of joy. We will intentionally seek to reach across differences to be the solution that will bring peace to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Congress is a time not only to connect, but reflect, rejuvenate, and restore to our truths, and recommit to bringing forth profound personal change in body, mind, and Spirit.

Let’s immerse ourselves in connection with each other, exploring the five pillars of the Work through a week of workshops that will focus on the five pillars of Cayce’s Work through:

  • Spirituality
  • Holistic Health
  • Nutrition
  • Dreams & Interpretation
  • Reincarnation

Join us as we celebrate the life work of Edgar Cayce and the legacy of his Association!

Enjoy a week of learning practical and daily application that will support you towards wholeness within a holistic health paradigm. Celebrate with us and members from around the world. Meet our staff, faculty, volunteers, and Board of Trustees. Gain connection to the Association that Edgar Cayce envisioned and make memorable connections.

Highlights of this week of relaxed fun, friendship, and fellowship include:

  • Interactive workshops, sharing groups, and optional activities
  • Topics designed to inspire you to integrate the Cayce Readings into your daily life
  • Updates and exciting news from A.R.E. staff and Board members
  • Exclusive members-only and donor appreciation gatherings
  • Expect the traditions like the “Fun”-raising Auction, Welcome Lunch and Evening Social
  • Be taught by speakers who will inspire, invigorate, and renew the whole you
  • Much more but most of all, memories of a lifetime!