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26th Annual Azalea Competition

Iceland Family Skating Center proudly presents the 26th Annual Azalea Open!

This figure skating competition is open to all skaters who are individual members of the ISI. Skaters take part both as individuals and as members of rink teams. The skaters will be grouped together by age and skill level.  “Events are offered to all ages—Tots through Adults”

Azalea Events

  • Individual Events
    • Compulsories
    • Tots-Freestyle 10 Technical Programs
    • Interpretive
    • Artistic
    • Footwork
    • Special Skater
    • Rhythmic Skating
    • Stoking
    • Solo Dance
    • Spotlight
      • Character, Light Entertainment, & Dramatic
    • Open Freestyle
      • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
    • Hockey Skills
      • Goalie, Shooting, Skating
  • More Than One Skater Events
    • Ice Dancing with Partner
    • Couples
    • Pairs
    • Spotlight Family
    • Spotlight Couples
    • Jump Spin Team
    • Synchronized Skating
    • Theater/Production Team

Registration is now open! To register for the Azalea open or if you have any questions, please contact us at 757-490-3999 or email us at 

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